As we hit a new week the team are safely back from SHOT 2024, but before he left Boycie had been spending some meaningful time with the latest CZ-licenced GBB to come out of the ActionSportGames (ASG) stable, the CZ P-10C CO2, and although you’ll have to wait for his full report until ISSUE 159 on the 15th he reported back;

“Some time ago I started discussing the upcoming fully licensed CZ pistols from ASG and one which I was really looking forward to getting my hands on was the P-10 C. Waaay back in the 1980’s I was an IPSC competitor and one of the first pistols I shot was the venerable CZ75, so you could say that I’ve had a long standing relationship with the CZ brand.”

ASG tell us of the new pistol that;

“The blowback function of the CZ P-10C (and stablemate CZ P-10C OR-OT) provides sharper and more satisfying feedback than even the most popular airsoft pistols, with snappier recoil for every shot. And thanks to its durable design, the P-10 C has impeccable endurance, minimising the rate it wears down, thereby minimising the maintenance required. Moreover, it can fire ten to twelve full magazines before suffering any major performance issues due to cold, unlike other pistols which quickly falter under much less stress. Without a doubt it is a real airsofter’s pistol, designed with their needs in mind.”

The design is most thoroughly modern and its ergonomic grip supports the shooter’s grasp, offering a comfortable hold and satisfying feel that fits perfectly into your hands. Also, it boasts under-frame safety controls as well as trigger safety. Its smaller size not only makes it a wonderful compact secondary to carry discreetly into a CQB arena, but also makes it lighter and faster to draw. It also comes equipped with traditional metal sights. It features a sleek metal slide, and its lower frame is comprised of reinforced polymer, making it both lightweight and durable.

Its magazine holds a total of 22 BBs that fire at an average velocity of 1.05 joule (330fps). Also, the hop up can easily be adjusted through the slide with no disassembly required, unlike more conventional airsoft internal hammer-based pistols.  Inside the box, in addition to the pistol, ASG also include changeable backstraps so that you can customize the grip to match your own individual preferences.  These backstraps come in small, medium and large.

Available in black and cool tan/black variants, ASG say that “the airsoft CZ P-10 C is much more than your run-of-the-mill airsoft pistol. It is the culmination of years of pistol-making expertise and a deep-rooted passion for airsoft which results in a truly exceptional pistol that is ready to let it rip in all types of airsoft play.”

Do we agree? Check in for ISSUE 159 to find out!


  • Under-Frame Safety & Trigger Safety.
  • Changeable backstraps.
  • Blowback.
  • CO2 powered.
  • Single slot accessory rail.
  • CO2 magazine (19983).
  • Metal slide.
  • Ambidextrous slide catch as standard.
  • Authentic CZ Markings.