In the latest issue of Airsoft Action (Issue #116) Bill took a close look at the excellent B4 LRP AEG from BOLT Airsoft, and commented;

“Whilst a BOLT AEG is never going to be the cheapest chick on the block I can assure that in this case you are very much getting what you pay for both in build quality and performance, but then again I don’t think that the airsofters at BOLT would sell this to a fellow airsofter if it wasn’t 100% fully up to the job!”

He also mentioned that in their line BOLT also have some superb “shorty” variants that would be absolutely ideal for CQB/CQC style gaming, so we thought it only fair to show you what he meant by introducing the B4 SOPMOD, PDW and PMC models, and in our opinion all of them look GREAT!

All the models benefit from the patented Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS) which produces kinetic energy produced by the piston’s movement, transfers it to a recoil weight in the stock tube and sends that energy down through the receiver and into your body through the stock! The rear-wired VII gearbox is a work of art in itself and forged steel gears seated in low friction 8mm bearings will handle heavy firing loads all day, every day!

Each of the latest models has a distinct and unique “character” so we’re certain that there will be something for everyone if dedicated close-quarter action is your thing!

For UK players, check out the full range HERE as these are available right now from your favourite airsoft stockist!