Redwolf Airsoft just shared some images that have got certain members of the AA Crew all of a tither, as they show the new GBB PP-2K from Modify!

This “must have” model for any self-respecting collector of Russian weaponry or OPFORist is going to be a real hot ticket as it replicates the PP-2000 which was designed as a close-quarter combat weapon, intended for riot police and special operations forces. Manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau, it was first publicly displayed at the Interpolytech-2004 exhibition in Moscow even though its patent was filed in 2001 and issued in 2003. In 2008, it was adopted as one of the two standard SMGs of the Russian police.

Modify’s website tells us:

“Modify’s PP-2K is made 1:1 scale to the PP-2000, with functions similar to the legendary Russian gun. Weighing 1.35kgs and 580mm long, the PP-2K has safety, semi-auto, and automatic firing modes. Its steel buttstock is foldable and can be replaced with an extra-long magazine. With the 1913 Picatinny scope rail, it accepts all wide and narrow fixtures on the market.

Its 150mm, hardened, anodized inner barrel and the newest Predator hop up bucking from Modify help to achieve commendable airtightness and accuracy. The pull operates with the gun mechanism to simulate real-gun action when firing. And the pull can be turned right or left to suit each player. The all-steel trigger mechanism vastly improves the durability of the trigger mechanism; while the nozzle has an enlarged opening to improve recoil.

The lower body accepts a dedicated flashlight and the muzzle has a 14-counter-thread, removable muzzle device, which can be replaced with a dedicated silencer or 14-counter-thread silencer available on the market.”

All in all it sounds quite the package, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the Redwolf Website for arrival information in store!