Well that’s a done deal then, and what a great livestream this morning!

Bill just got off the livestream from the MOA CAMPFEST and is already raving on about what he saw in the presentations for LCT AIRSOFT, ACETECH, CLPD and NORTHEAST and there is certainly a LOT to talk about!

LCT announced a special edition of their latest SVD, ACETECH showed their new QUARK unit, our good friends Clarence and Katherine from Clarence Lai Project Designs were showing off new additions to the line for wheelguns (amongst other things!), but NORTHEAST stole the show this morning with a close look at their new GBBR UZI that should be available Q2/Q3 of this year!

The MOA CAMPFEST has undoubtedly been a huge success, and out thanks go to Eric and his team, along with our fellow airsoft media friends, for two entertaining livestreams… and of course it wouldn’t have been the same without our Legionnaire on the ground Stewbacca who’ll be reporting on what he saw at the show in just 12 days time when Issue 137 drops!

Have a great day of airsoft if you’re out playing today… we’re off for breakfast!