We rarely make posts at the weekend as…you know… AIRSOFT!

This morning though Bill was up bright and early to take part in the livestream from the MOA CAMPFEST and along with other friends from the global airsoft media community got a look at some righteous new offerings from MODIFY, PAF AIRSOFT, VEGAFORCECOMPANY, and ARCHWICK!

Suffice to say there was a LOT to look at, SOME REALLY BUG GUNS and there’s some great new things that Stewbacca will report on in his event report in Issue 137 mid-this-month; we won’t go into details here, but suffice to say that among other lovely, shiny things, it looks like the wait for that VFC GBBR FAL will soon be over… he did make a fleeting appearance, but we can’t confirm whether Stewbacca did a little victory dance or not!

Our thanks go to everyone involved in putting the stream together, and Bill’s looking forward to rejoining tomorrow to check out even more from direct from Taiwan!