It’s very important to all of us at Airsoft Action that everyone involved in the creation of our content IS an ACTIVE airsofter in one way or another, and we’re extremely proud to have people that embrace many genres of airsoft as skirmishers, battle and milsimmers, practical competitors, or techs that make up our number!

All to often we hear the phrase “run by airsofters”, and indeed we make great use of the phrase “For Airsofters By Airsofters” ourselves, but is this always the truth of things? Sitting in an office or studio and simply banging out content is all very well, but being a “player”, that’s a very different thing isn’t it?

We’ve been thinking about our Friday web posts, and the fact that we talk a lot about being airsofters ourselves, and like to have fun with what we do, so we’ve decided to use the Friday SFTW (the slot formerly known as”Something For The Weekend”) post to tell fellow players what we’re up to ourselves, be that going to the range to test something new, going to an airsoft event or our local shop, or working on an airsoft project on the workbench. Even if it’s setting up new gear or simply hanging out with our airsoft buddies, it’s all part of what makes our community so wonderful!

So without further ado, Bill has told us that it’s going to be a busy weekend ahead, and that he’going to be on the woodland range with the new RAVEN R9 and the Armorer Works VX9 to check out how they function from the box, then hanging out with Jimmy and Jon to get some video done for something pretty special, and joining Stewbacca and a few of our international airsoft friends in the livestream from the MOA Campfest in Taiwan on Saturday and Sunday morning!

Boycie is going to be working on pistol/rifle drills, as well as a day at work on the live fire range which will include putting down some .303 and 7.62×39! Jimmy will be accompanying his mate Scott from Alpha Delta Airsoft and paying a visit to the FBS (Flash Bang Smoke) factory to collect a large consignment of pyro, and hopefully having a little tour of the place to get an insight to how pyro is manufactured. Then he has that date with Bill and Jon in the woods with a video camera, but don’t panic it’s nothing weird lol!!! After that he’ll be back at the tech bench reviving an old and very tired-looking ICS AR and creating more content for All Things Airsoft (his own FB page)… followed by the consumption of an adult beverage or two! Bill W-R will be on the range prepping photos of the ICS ARK for a RELOADED article now he’s had a chance to play some with it, and planning his site visits for his new role in the UK Players Union, UKAPU!

Further afield, Bjorn tells us that he’s got a decision to make for the weekend; either go for a “bigger” mix of woodland and CQB at the Old Cotton Powder Factory or go to a smaller CQB game at his old “home arena”, Tjärnan. He hasn’t been to a game since last autumn so it’s time for him to get his game on again! Miguel reports that this weekend he’s heading to one of the fields he plays at called Varuna. He and his fellow “Ghosts” and friends are organizing a game for teams that have never played at the site, a game called “Meet Varuna”. He tells us it will be a simple game that will make the teams go around most of the field and interesting areas to learn how it plays…

And of course Stewbacca, in his own words says that “this weekend I will be mostly covering… MOA” so we’ll be looking forward to the livestream from the event, and to sharing his report with you all in Issue 137!

That’s it from the Airsoft Action Legion for this week, and of course we wish you all the very best for what you may be doing as your own airsoft adventure this weekend! Play hard, play safe, and above all play with honour whatever YOUR type of airsoft may be!