Earlier this week we got a little tease sneak peak from Masaki at Laylax regarding something big they’ve been cooking up in the “LayLax Lab”.

Please say hello to their all-new Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox V2 shell (6mm) that they’ve designed and created with the simple goal of making our tech projects much, much easier.

If you’ve teched the old standard Tokyo Marui V2 gearboxes, as innovative as they once were, it’s now a design over 20 years old and we all know it has a ton of flaws and annoying things that just cost you lots of unnecessary time when you’re working on a build.

Laylax believe it’s time we evolved airsoft a bit and they’ve found a cure to all that by:

· Adding a take-down panel to separate the compression unit from the gears, allowing you to work independently on the compression parts without having to take the whole thing apart.

· Shimming is now much easier and faster

· CNC aluminium panel for the lower gear set portion of the gearbox

· Moving the wiring to the outside of the gearbox

· Quick change spring system with steel ball bearing spring guide included

· Pre-radiused in the front and back

· Reinforced die cast Zinc Alloy main body

· Upper portion of the gearbox is now one solid piece rather than two halves, further strengthening the overall integrity

This looks to be something very exciting that we look forward to investigating further, but for now you can keep up with further developments by keeping an eye on Laylax via their regularly updated website and social media channels!