Yup, it’s that time again where we get into “maintenance mode” to keep the website tippity-top and operating at peak performance!

Tomorrow ISSUE 160 of AIRSOFT ACTION will go live and for a short while, this will remain at the top of the AA webpage whilst maintenance and upgrades happen behind the scenes, so that we can continue to let you access the new issue whilst at the same time making sure that everything is running as best it can in the future!

And for those that celebrate it, Easter is on the horizon and we’ll take a few days down over that period before kicking fully back into gear.

Thanks for your understanding as we carry out our necessary “Spring clean”! With the amount of traffic we generate these days and the sheer amount of content on here, it’s a full-time job in itself keeping on top of things.

With the PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS ceremony happening imminently we’re keen to find out just who has triumphed! Will AIRSOFT ACTION regain the “Best Magazine” title this year? We await the news of category winners just as impatiently as all of you!

There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months; new AEGs and GBBRs to test and report on, new kit and gear, games, events, and much, much more… And after our maintenance AIRSOFT ACTION will be on top of our own game again to keep you all updated with the very latest in our big, wide world of airsoft, so as always…