Yesterday we posted the news about the new P90 from EMG/KRYTAC and it would appear that there’s a lot more “development partners” involved in this AEG program that even we initially thought!

We just got word from our mates at TITAN that they’re in with the rollout too when it comes to batteries, and they told us;

“Fitment and performance, we got you covered! We did extensive battery fitment and performance testing together with KRYTAC. What do these batteries have in common? We can already confirm they all fit the new Krytac FN P90; only the 11.1v nunchuck will need the additional battery extender!

1183 – Titan 3000mAh 7.4v Brick T-Plug (Deans)
1155 – Titan 3000mAh 7.4v Nunchuck T-Plug (Deans)
1157 – Titan 3000mAh 11.1v Nunchuck T-Plug (Deans)

These batteries also come with the exact same Airsoft T-Plug connector, so they are a perfect fit for performance on the P90.”

Although we’re still not 100% convinced that the P90 is the model we would have chosen from the FN licence agreement with Cybergun, what we do find exciting is the level of support that this new AEG appears to have from multiple industry partners all working together… so often we see fabulous AEGs and GBBs that go unsupported by anyone other than the original manufacturer, and it really is GREAT to see so many quality brands coming together to work and support each other, and ultimately benefit the players that do buy the new P90!

It’s also very interesting that there has obviously been some very solid player input for this release, as looking on the EVIKE website there are already some choice “Player Packages” available for pre-order too! Although you can simply order the AEG on it’s own, you have some super options from the get-go…

The GO STARTER PACKAGE has been carefully put together to include the base essentials needed to get your AEG up and running for your first Airsoft game. Everything chosen for this package consists of highly recommended add-ons from both experienced players and technicians alike; great for first time players or for anyone looking for a backup set of accessories. The package includes: two high quality Matrix 11.1v rechargeable LiPo battery packs so you will have a spare to swap to while the other charges, a Matrix LiPo balancing smart charger that will optimally charge your batteries every time, a LiPo Safe charging bag, two spare Krytac P90 Mid Cap Magazines to allow you to carry extra ammo out onto the field, a quick acquisition red dot optic for easy aiming, and finally an Airsoft Safety Sack to store your gun in during transport.

The SIEGE PACKAGE upgrades the stock barrel to a 6.03mm Prometheus EG Special Edition RHOP tuned inner barrel for greatly improved range, accuracy, and consistency. To compliment the improved performance, a T1 style red dot optic is included for easier aiming and target acquisition. Four additional Krytac P90 200/50 Mid-Cap magazines come standard with this package to ensure you have extra ammo to get you through drawn out firefights.

All in all this is looking to be an AEG product launch that takes things into new territory, and we can only applaud all the great partners involved in the creation of the P90 program; we certainly hope that this will be a launch model for future AEG and GBB releases as it benefits all airsofters both old and new!