Yup, here we are again with the first post of 2024, and what a year it promises to be!

After an absolutely superb 2023 that saw AIRSOFT ACTION really moving forward, the next few months should be setting us up fully for 2024; with SHOT and IWA just around the corner (and yes, we’ll be at both and will report on all the new airsoft loveliness from both shows!) there’s a lot that we’re looking forward to in terms of new guns n’ gear, but that’s only the foundation…

Building on the new stuff that we hope to see at the shows, we also hope to be covering more events and games both at home in the UK and further afield too thanks to the continued passion of the members of the AA LEGION who report internationally each and every month, and we’re looking to increase the membership of the LEGION to bring in reports from even more countries than ever before!

And of course RED CELL will be cranking forward with the long-term-test program as some of our pool AEGs and GBBs enter their THIRD full year of hammering!

Pulling together all the elements that has made AIRSOFT ACTION just so successful in the last few years, we’re ready to face the future, and of course as we enter our THIRTEENTH YEAR of publishing monthly there’s a whole heap of BACK ISSUES that you can access for FREE here on the website.

And ultimately that’s what drives us… producing a monthly magazine that we truly love and daily online updates to bring all of you, our readers and followers, all the very best in airsoft news just as soon as we hear about it.

Thank you all for a BRILLIANT 2023 and for your continued support, but a new year beckons and we’re as excited as you are to see where 2024 takes us on our airsoft adventures!