The year continues to start well as we just heard from our mates at iWholesales that the latest EMG/CYMA collaboration should be hitting stores right about now, and it’s one of our absolute favourite AR platfroms… the Mk18!

The EMG Licensed Daniel Defense AEG is engineered for precision and realism, and the Mk18 models on offer we’re told are “game-changers” for serious airsofters. But let’s dive into the features and specs that make these AEGs stand out from the crowd!

  • Authentic Daniel Defense Design: This rifle is not just another airsoft gun; it’s a licensed Daniel Defense masterpiece. Crafted with high-quality metal alloy, it features authentic roll marks, laser engravings, and a weather-resistant matte black finish. It’s as close to the real deal as you can get.
  • Quick Spring Change System: Say goodbye to time-consuming spring swaps. The QBS spring system allows you to change springs easily without disassembling the receiver, adapting to your gameplay needs effortlessly.
  • Full-Length Picatinny Rail: The rifle comes equipped with a full-length Picatinny top rail, providing ample space for optics and accessories. Customize your loadout to achieve peak performance.
  • Adjustable Crane Stock: Achieve the perfect length of pull with the adjustable CRANE style stock. Find your comfort zone for rapid target acquisition and maneuverability.
  • High-Performance Gearbox: The Ver 2 Metal gearbox is not only durable but also upgradeable. Customize your internals to match your playstyle.
  • Responsive Long-Type Motor: The long-type motor ensures rapid trigger response and reliable performance.
  • Battery Recommendations: A 7.4v Small LiPo battery is recommended for optimal performance. It’s wired to the rear with a Dean Connector (battery not included).
  • Adjustable Hop-Up: Fine-tune your shots with the adjustable hop-up system. Achieve pinpoint accuracy even in challenging conditions.

So, EMG quality, CYMA reliability… cool! Manufactured by EMG under the Daniel Defense license, with CYMA as the OEM, this AEG apparently combines the best of all worlds. This all sounds mighty fine to us, but as always the proof of the left-over Xmas pudding is in the eating and we’ll need to get one on the range and into our long-term test pool to see how this Mk18 AEG stacks up against some already established performers…