It’s actually quite rare for us to talk about G&G ARMAMENT GBB handguns apart from their latest models such as the GTP-9 and PIRANHA, but the fact is that they actually have a pretty awesome range of models to choose from, and it looks like some of their “classics” are getting a little TLC!

The new GPM1911 GP2 features, like their newer pistols that we love so much, their worldwide patented whirl cylinder valve and adjustable barrel hop-up to give you a competitive edge… an update that means a classic model has been re-engineered for the modern airsoft battlefield!

The whirl cylinder valve reduces the frost that can build up inside the chamber by having a high-speed rotation, but in addition, the whirl cylinder valve assists you when playing in colder environments… with a winter of gaming ahead this is something to consider it you want peak-performance in all conditions!

The GPM1911 GP2 GBB pistol comes with one 26-round magazine; it also includes real wood pistol grips for increased dexterity, and a great, thoroughly classic look! You also loader, and a pistol case for easy transport to and from the field.

Coming soon, contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and availability!