The guys at VIPER have been in touch to let us know that they have a new video up, “INFORMATION WARFARE”, that showcases all their latest gear, and it’s certainly worth a look with some intense scenario action on show!

We’ve been very privileged to have been able to take a look at pretty much all of the kit and clothing used in the video, and you’ll find it analysed and detailed by a number of the AA Team in our Back Issues, but just casting a quick glance over the action shows both VIPER’s V-CAM BLACK and V-CAM to good effect, and we can already pick out some key pieces like the VX Multi Weapon System Set plate carriers, the Fleece Hoodie, Elite Trousers Gen2, Frontier Jacket, and the new Venom Boots, all pieces that we love and use ourselves!

This video has been shot as a showcase for VIPER kit and the guys have assured us that during the shoot no BBs were loaded into magazines, and there were no batteries in the AEGs as they wanted to show things “raw” and without eyepro and we have to say that they’ve done a great job, and a big shout goes out to the players involved as well as the VIPER “tech team” behind the creation of this excellent “short”.

We’re looking forward to working on some projects with VIPER ourselves this Summer, so who knows, perhaps you’ll see some of the AA LEGION on film later this year!