E&L have been churning out some great models in their new ESSENTIALS line and certain members of the AA Crew (not mentioning Bill at all… no, not him…) are always on the lookout for decent AKs to add to their OPFOR armoury!

Bill field-tested the E&L ESSENTIALS AKM courtesy of our mates at NUPROL in Issue 128 and thoroughly enjoyed it, and the latest ESSENTIALS model to put in an appearance is the AK-12 RAF; with a VERY sensible pricetag this is looking to be a REAL contender in the “modern AK” wars, and as always E&L have released new magazines to with it!

Stock Specs for the AK-12 RAF are:

Material: Steel, Fibre-Reinforced Polymer
Gear Box: V3
Motor: AK-Type
Magazine: 70 BBs
Length: 890-950mm
Inner Barrel Length: 410mm
Weight: 4020g
Battery: AK Stick Type
Fire Mode : Semi / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-Up : Adjustable
Muzzle Velocity: 380FPS +/- 10%

This is looking VERY promising indeed, although we’re also awaiting the new G&G GK12 which is in transit direct from Taiwan right now… expect to see both new models put through the wringer just as soon as we get our hands on them!