Sooo, another weekend is fast approaching and it’s another busy one ahead for the AA Legion, with games to be played, tech-work to be done, and events to be covered!

It’s the virtual POPULAR AIRSOFT PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS CEREMONY on Saturday, so if you’re not playing perhaps you like to check that out live on Youtube to find out which of your favourite manufacturers and characters within the airsoft industry have triumphed in 2022! What we do know already is that many have worked tirelessly during the pandemic and we’re looking forward to seeing who walks away with the recognition they so rightly deserve… we wish all the nominees the very best of luck!

For our part, Bill tells that “I’ll be stuck behind my PC again as I’ll be watching the Popular Airsoft Awards Ceremony online (fingers crossed for some good news for us and our mates out there!) but then it’s rangetime again on Sunday as the sun is forecast to be shining and I have some shiny new things to go and shoot, including my final session pre-Issue 137-review for the ARES X CLASS (pictured)!”

Our in-house tech guys Jimmy and Dan will be hard at work and they tell us;

Dan: “I have a number of builds to finish getting out the door this week, so barring any gremlins, by the weekend I should be onto tricking out an ASG CZ 805 Bren for a customer!”

Jimmy: “This weekend I shall be back at the bench. I have an MG42 which has major velocity problems and a feeding issue, along with a CYMA M14 which is down on power and suffering from semi lock-up, and I shall be revisiting a DSG build I created which seems to be experiencing “issues”!”

Meanwhile on the game front, Stewbacca tells us that “I’ll be at the Going Dark night game on Saturday night in my old stomping ground of Hsinchu /Zhubei area, organised by n00b_soft and the pewlogic SpeedQB crowd, followed by Hutoushan the next day!”

And Miguel and his fellow Ghosts are out again as “We are going to visit a CQB field not far from our usual area; it’s a field that’s been active for a while but since we are woodland fans we have been postponing a game there. Got to keep active!”

Whatever style of airsoft you enjoy we hope that you’ve got plans set for the coming weekend, and wherever you may be in our big wide world of 6mm fun, as usual all of us at Airsoft Action wish you the best for your own adventures, and we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!