We saw them at IWA and loved them, and our friends over at UF PRO have told us that they’re about to launch a new generation of tactical garments… the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt and Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants!

Both these products build on the strengths of their excellent and super-functional Striker XT Gen.2 BDU which a number of The AA Legion are HUGE fans of, which means they’re rugged as hell yet feel fantastic to wear. We think this technologically advanced line could well become the next gold standard for performance and comfort in tactical garments.

The hybrid material design distinguishes the Combat Shirt with extreme breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and ruggedness. It’s made of a novel torso knit so light in weight that it feels like a second skin. It dries insanely fast, so you can always count on all-day comfort, while the tough ripstop fabric stands up to wear and tear from the rigors of hard, regular use.

The new Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants are made with a combination of smart materials that ensure these pants will perform no matter how tough the op. Meanwhile, their unparalleled features will help put you in control of some of the most challenging situations imaginable.

These looked absolutely, 100% righteous when we saw the show samples in Germany earlier this year, and having had a lot of experience with UF PRO garments ourselves we believe that the finished product will be amazing!

Cheap? No!

Worth every penny? DEFINITELY!