We all need another rifle or carbine carry-bag don’t we, and we all love patches… we do!

So, why not have a rifle-bag that can protect your favourite AEG or GBBR whilst at the same time give you space to show off your fabulous patch collection… or indeed, mount additional pouches if you wish to!

The NUPROL Essentials Soft Rifle Patch Bag is an updated version of the NUPROL Essentials Soft Rifle Bag, now featuring a front facing VELCRO and MOLLE Panel for all of your pouch and patch accessories!

This Rifle Bag provides you with a generous 12” tall Rifle Compartment which is available at 38”, 42” & 46” in length. The outer VELCRO, MOLLE panel is laser cut, and then reinforced with stitching along every row to ensure longevity. The inner compartment is lined with a soft, protective material with padded protection along the front & rear face of the Rifle Bag. Supplied with two Velcro Strips within to secure your rifle. The compartment is closed by two zippers which can be joined together and locked using a padlock for security. Finally a simple fabric briefcase handle helps you get this Essential Rifle Bag around.

The five exterior pockets, sealed closed by Velcro, are great to store your mags, BBs, batteries and other consumables in and have them close to hand too!

So, time to ravel to site in style whilst showing your allegiances… what’s not to like?