Yup, we’re rolling on hot again as ISSUE 149 has been live for nearly a week now, and by the numbers of you reading it online we can see that there’s a LOT of our fellow players out there that are hungry for airsoft news!

It would seem that our ongoing CAGE articles are really hitting the spot with you, and it’s wonderful to have the depth of knowledge that we do within the AA LEGION… we believe that between them the Legionnaires have the right mix of experience that players old and new want to benefit from, and we certainly come at our beloved game from every angle imaginable!

And of course we keep on cranking; whilst everyone suffers from small setbacks the AA Crew care about both their own in-country players and the wider community too, so we all strive to be the best we can be… anything less wouldn’t be fair to those that we work with, or indeed to all of you that read AIRSOFT ACTION month after month.

So, the AA LEGION are out and about around the world doing their airsoft thing as usual, and Stewbacca kicked off our weekly update by telling us “this Sunday is planned to be another jungle warfare shoot at Hutoushan; Anny should be joining us again after being bloody busy island hopping, real steel shooting and writing up a large amount of articles for her own site, and she’s bringing another friend along too.
LCT is the flavour of the day, I’ll be taking the whole HK SEF AEG collection out for a spin, so look forward to more spiders the size of dinner plates having “ARMED POLICE” yelled at them for no particular reason…”

Miguel also checked in to say that “last Sunday, we held a small practice with the newer guys; we talked about gear, basic movements, shooting positions, two-man teams, fire team rush and basic drill. And in the end it all culminated in a small skirmish with two other teams that were in the field (if the field is big then why not share it?). This Sunday I plan to keep working with the new guys, specially in team formations, ambushes and notions of CQB.”

Dan is also hard at it and told us that “I’m hoping to hit up the range (AKA, a giant gravel pit with 300 yard sight lines that I can usually have all to myself) and do some real steel shooting. I have some new optics and reconfigured a few builds that I need to get zeroed and printing on paper. Usually the county piles up a giant snow berm at the road entrance, so I often can’t get in there until mid May, but it’s been pretty warm lately, with lots of rainfall, so I’m thinking it might be accessible right about now.
If I can’t get back in there then it’s probably back to the grindstone lol. I’ve got a couple more custom KWA T10’s to whip out for the Norwegian crew (they’ve developed a voracious appetite for them, it seems ). Still need to build out a FDE SIG MCX for another guy, convert another MCX to a Rattler build and send it off for Cerakoting, finish assembly on another King Arms SIG 552 that has been waiting on some replacement parts that finally showed, finish tuning an HPA converted Real Sword SVD, various little fiddly small repair projects… it never ends!”

Jase and Jimmy are off to another MilSim event at “an undisclosed destination”; Jimmy said “this weekend will see a change from the norm of being glued to my work bench as I have been invited to play a pivotal part in a MilSim. Now always say I am just an airsofter and I do love me a skirmish, but I thought it would be an idea to give it a chance. I am becoming more and more open to trying new things within airsoft…” while Jase told us “it’s another SEO game, but I know nothing about it apart from turning up in a car park early doors Sunday lol!”

Bill’s performing a bit of a “flanking action” this wekend as he’s off to SALUTE 50, one of the UKs biggest wargaming shows at EXCEL in London! he told us “although wargames may seem a million miles away from airsoft that’s not actually true; both airsoft and skirmish tabletop games depend on excellent storylines and scenarios, and I know a lot of dedicated airsoft players that also game on the tabletop, some of whom I know I’ll be meeting at EXCEL! We also feature one game each year in AA that we all enjoy; last year it was “Black Powder Red Earth 28mm” so I’ll be searching hard for this years choice… if you’re heading to the show I’ll see you there!”

And to conclude this weeks update, sadly we’ve had “one of our own” in hospital, so we hope you’ll join us in saying “Get well soon Robbie!”.

That’s it for this week other than to thank AA Legionnaire and Specna Arms Ambassador Elvis for this weeks image, one that he took on the photoshoot for the new X SERIES AEG report featured in the current issue! To close we’ll wish you all a great weekend, and as ever Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!