The Helikon-Tex Patrol line is full of modern combat uniforms and equipment that can be used both on missions and during a visit to the shooting-range. Field clothes in camouflage, backpacks for several days field trips and classic uniforms are the foundation of this range.”

This is what Helikon-Tex tell us, and from what we saw at IWA they are once again pushing ahead to fulfil the promise that this range of clothing and gear has always had! We’ve long been fans of their excellent GUARDIAN Chest Rig and it looks like this program will be expanding soon to encompass at full plate-carrier setup!

The guys saw all the components of the new GUARDIAN PLATE CARRIER SYSTEM (GPCS) in Germany and were given a “guided tour” through each and every component piece of gear that goes into making it up; it certainly looks to be lightweight and incredibly modular, a system that you can tailor perfectly to your individual requirements!

We’ll be looking more at this, along with all the other “Gucci gear” that the guys saw at IWA in Issue 149 and of course, as soon as we get more information on the GCPS we’ll be sure to share it with you!