Although Bill has written at length about the new HUNTSMAN H17 in the current issue, we thought we’d give a little more of a highlight to the “TT CUSTOM” version of this cracking, well-priced pistol line!

The basic H17 is by no means a slouch and those that have had “hands-on” already have agreed that it is a great little pistol, especially given the price-point, a model that will give a nice “MIL” touch to any loadout without breaking the bank!

The “TT CUSTOM” though moves things up a notch by adding some lovely little features to the basic H-17; as Bill says in his review “with a more “up to the minute” slide design and aggressively pre-stippled grips this is another pistol that screams out “movie gun” and I love it” and, thus far our testing has proved this to be a real contender straight from the box!

One thing that we missed on our initial range days was the fact that in addition to the standard-style under-barrel rail for your taclites, the H-17s also have a threaded outer barrel for suppressors (although you may need an adaptor) which means that the TT CUSTOM version could be made to look super-cool!

If your tastes waver towards something a bit more “Wick” than “MIL”, then the TT CUSTOM might well be the “G” you’ve been looking for without having to pay the earth for it!

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