We hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend, and we’re back (albeit a day later than usual) to start a whole new week, and what a great stat it is as our mates at Land Warrior Airsoft (LWA) have been in touch to let us know that they just had an uber-restock on products from GATE which also included some fancy new items!

Since 2009, GATE have been developing and manufacturing the most innovative Electronic Trigger Units, MOSFET’s, and accessories for airsoft guns, with the aim to give every player access to the most up-to-date technology on the airsoft market, to even the odds without breaking the bank!

Amongst the restock LWA received were, of course, many different variants of their mighty Titan MOSFET; the first and only MOSFET allowing for making firmware updates via the internet, bringing you the latest improvements to keep your RIF at the height of its capability. Instead of a typical mechanical function, the Titan uses innovative optical sensors that remove many known faults and allow that hair-trigger response that is extremely satisfying! Not to mention Pre-Cocking, Battery Protection, Adaptive Active Braking and so many more great features, we can’t stress enough how great these MOSFET’s are!

They also received many of their other great MOSFET’s such as the Aster, Warfet and more, meaning you can upgrade your RIF no matter the budget and without clashing with any proprietary parts on some replicas!

Some new things in with this shipment included some more internal parts, such as their new CNC Machined Tappet Plates designed to significantly increase the performance of your replica including a fin shaped for perfect cycle timing with perfect dimensions thanks to the aforementioned CNC Machining, their Protector Cylinder Head with shock-absorbing bumper prolonging the life of the gearbox shell and a perfect head-to-cylinder seal, finishing off with their Power Hybrid and High Speed Piston Heads, offering either special weight pads for heavier BB’s in DMR setups for either standard or high-speed ROF’s or that lightweight design perfect for the most demanding DSG and Ultra-High Speed Builds!

And to cap it all off, some all-new external accessories with their custom Bolt-Catches, giving your replica a unique and individual look with decent high-quality parts!

For all things GATE and everything else they offer at Land Warrior, check out their WEBSITE HERE and be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more on what’s going on at LWA HQ!