It’s that time of the week again that “office hours” are coming to a close and here at AA we’re all looking forward to the weekend, especially as it’s a three-dayer here in the UK and the weather is forecast “good to go”!

Plans within the team are as always as varied as the individuals that make it up, but once again it’s a mix of games, events, rangetime, and prep… in Chris’ case for “adulting. tidying, cleaning, and allotmenting”… yes, we ARE a varied and interesting bunch, that’s for sure!

Miguel in Portugal tells us that although he’s still planning this weekend’s event, most likely he’ll be “working with our newest team members”, whilst Jimmy says “someone must of heard me talking to Bill; only a few hours ago I mentioned that I haven’t played in months and my call has been answered I have an invite from the guys at Alpha Delta Airsoft to join them for a day of tomfoolery at Dogtag Airsoft. Bring it on, I have a small arsenal to take and hopefully will get chance to rock the latest test specimen. Drum mags at the ready…”

Stewbacca is also out again this weekend in Taiwan, and “this Sunday is Hutoushan up in the mountains Southwest of Taipei again for us lot, and we have a new player joining us introduced by a friend as well!” Sadly games are still not on everywhere yet as Hana tells us from China that “I will have my five-day labor holiday this weekend; unfortunately all airsoft events are not open yet, so I plan to go to outdoor with my family…”

Meanwhile it seems like Dan’s game in the USA last weekend came with the usual aftermath as he commented, “I really did come back with more guns than I brought at the game last weekend! I still need to sort, organize (triage lol) those and get them cycled into the work queue. That’s probably going to be my weekend project. I’m also researching lightweight bipods that have the ability to horizontally traverse. Haven’t settled on anything just yet, but there were a few instances where i had wished for a bit of elevation to get the PKM above the grass line when proned out. I’ve also realized that after my little foray running an LMG, I need to buy a LOT more BB’s… I burned through a little under 14.5K rounds on game day!”

Boycie will be doing “some tech work on an old school RM4A1. Then a full day at work on the range on Sunday”, whilst Bill W-R is intending to “spend Saturday at the local airsoft shop helping Marcus sell some lovely pews, and hopefully by doing that he may finish my zombie ak…” And as Issue 138 will be “in build” from the start of next week, Bill tells us “I’m getting a start to laying up the final content plan for Issue 138, and looking forward to meeting with Jimmy to talk guns and move forward with some tech projects… I am also going to be shooting the bejaysus out of the new VFC Ultra Carry and the G&G GK-12!”

So a fun weekend ahead for all, and we hope that you’ve got plans too, wherever you may be! As always, all of us at Airsoft Action wish you the best for your own airsoft adventures, and we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!