Things are moving on fast this week and Jimmy has been all over-excited again as he learnt of the latest release and product launch from GATE, and he asked us to share it out so the good news can be seen by HPA-users everywhere!

GATE said that;

“The GATE Legendary Launch with PULSAR D is here! A year ago we launched the PULSAR S HPA engine, single solenoid open-bolt, which together with the revolutionary TITAN II Bluetooth® ETU(PULSAR D with TITAN II pictured) proved to be an overnight success. PULSAR S quickly made a name for itself as the fastest and one of the most affordable engines on the market. A natural continuation for our R&D department was to work on a dual solenoid closed bolt HPA engine – PULSAR D.

If you are looking for the best HPA engine on the market, guaranteeing the best accuracy and performance – PULSAR D is especially for you!”

Now Jimmy has been having some resounding success with GATE systems, and the features here look to be solid too for future builds;

  • Operation mode – configurable CLOSED-BOLT or OPEN-BOLT

Closed-bolt – the cycle ends when the next ball is inserted into the hop-up chamber. Before the next shot is fired, the nozzle is at the front, fully sealed with the hop-up bucking. This provides greater accuracy and makes it easier to align the replica.

  • Adjustable ROF: 1 to 40 RPS – correctness of BB feed depends on the magazine
  • 250 – 650 FPS – may vary depending on barrel length and BB weight
  • Pressure range – 60 to 140 PSI

So, if you’re already an HPA-user that wants the latest tech and performance, or indeed someone who is considering HPA then go take a look at the new PULSAR D!