Neil’s back with us this week as he takes a look at one of our favourite AR platforms, the Mk18 CQBR, and this model is also one of our favourite AEG versions from SPECNA ARMS!

Nearly two and a half years have passed since Bill first got his hands on the Mk18 EDGE from Specna Arms, and after some hard use both on the range and in game we know that this an AEG that can really take a hammering and keep coming back for more!

We’ve seen some great new AEG AR models from SPECNA ARMS over the last couple of years, but none of them is so dear to us as the EMG/Daniel Defense-licenced Mk18 CQBR, or the MK18 EDGE as Specna call it; there seems to have been a slew of Mk18s recently and there’s more to come, but in our opinion SPECNA ARMS nailed it on their first attempt and two and a bit years in we still adore it!

Neil has had access to real firearms from Daniel Defense, so tune in to see what he thinks of the airsoft replica of the “Mighty Mk18” supplied to him for test by JD Airsoft in the UK!