For lovers of “Brit Kit” and “BFG’s” everywhere we’ve heard from Dave at DAVE’S CUSTOM AIRSOFT here in the UK that pre-orders for their “gimpy” or L7A2 GPMG, are now up, along with pre-orders for the M240B GPMG and M240L GPMG!

Now for most of us at Airsoft Action HQ the venerable “gimpy” is the thing (archive image from the public domain shown by way of illustration!), and whilst these are NOT going to be cheap, they promise to offer a RIF that is beloved to many and especially to those that wish to create a righteous UK Forces loadout!

Online you’ll easily find the information that “The L7 was adopted by the British forces as a replacement for the long-serving Vickers machine gun and the BREN following trials in 1957. Built under license originally by Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield Lock it has served with distinction with the British Army, the Royal Marines, and UKSF, and is still in service to this day! There have been two main variants, the L7A1 and L7A2, developed for infantry use, with the L7A2 having superseded the earlier variant.”

Dave tells us “BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Taking Advice from our valued customers we are proud to offer for Pre-Order the DCA GPMG as a series of affordable, top quality, Premium AEG MGs manufactured for DCA by Lambda Defence. As such we are now pleased to be taking Pre-Orders for the 3 Models of MGs below, click this link to purchase yours, and international shipping is available on Checkout!”

For more information follow the LINK HERE or visit and Search DCA GPMG!

We are really stoked about this release, and hopefully we’ll be visiting Dave soon to get some BB’s downrange “gimpy-style”!