Regular readers of our “monthly” may remember that in ISSUE 146 we did a full run-down on the accessories from NUPROL that we’ve been using for some time now… taclites, PEQs, optics, foregrips, suppressors and tracers, you name it, they’ve got it!

These great accessories also featured on the AEGs and GBBRs that we did with the VORSK VMP-1 launch, ably assisted by Josh and his crew from KRIOS PHOTOGRAPHY, and you’ll see from Bill’s personal GBBR that they really do cover ALL the bases!

We just got an update from NUPROL about this very subject and they told us that “we’ve received a large order of great Airsoft Accessories and Tactical Gear” so check out exactly what this contains by visiting their website HERE!

As Bill said in his article “Bottom line is that NUPROL can genuinely supply ALL your accessory needs at sensible prices unless you’re looking for something very specific, and they are usually fully “in stock” of all of them, making sure that their retail partners, and ultimately “we, the players” also have what we need, when we need it!”