We’ve been waiting to get our hands on the BOLT-licenced FN Herstal SCAR-SC since we first saw it, and love it or hate it the SCAR certainly has a proud place in our airsoft armoury as our old one has certainly seen its fair share of action over the years!

The new BOLT version of course is the super-short model that will be 100% ideal for those CQB encounters, with a long picatinny rail so you to mount all those needed accessories. Its blowback mechanism will undoubtedly give it a solid and powerful kick, offering excellent feedback and an even more immersive experience. With an aluminum upper receiver and a nylon fiber body, a combination that is as realistic as it is robust, this keeps the total weight down for all day play. The official markings are like the finishing touch to this licensed SCAR-SC, and it also comes in different colors, black, gray and tan give it a unique look!

Internally, everything has been made to ensure durability and to support the BRSS system, with a T/-DEAN plug to offer better connectivity for more reactivity. With the official markings, dimensions and materials the licenced replica is as faithful as possible to the original weapon!

We’re REALLY looking forward to getting one of these little bad bois on the range as soon as possible thanks to iWholesales, so keep your eyes peeled for our lowdown once we’ve been able to do so fully!