It’s definitely THAT time of year again and GUNFIRE are the latest to get in touch with their “Black Friday” deals with their annual “BLACK MADNESS” event where you can pick up some righteous bargains with up to 30% of RIFs and 85% off gear, parts and accessories!

Those excellent guys in Poland tell us;

“MADNESS? Yesss!

Madness has no limits, that’s why we’ve posted 4300 products for sale! There are brands like G&G Armament , Specna Arms , LCTairsoft , 5KU Airsoft , ICS Airsoft , Viper Tactical , and many, many more!
Prices have been reduced up to 85%! The landing page will make it easier for you to navigate so that you can get exactly where you want and not get distracted by unnecessary information!”

Be sure to follow their fan page/social media, because they’ll be presenting the most interesting pieces from the whole promotion! and as they say;

“Besides, who knows… maybe we will make some contest?”

Gotta be in it ti win it, right?