The ARES Airsoft “Striker” bolt action is a bit of a favourite with certain members of the Airsoft Action team, and since its inception with it’s ease of use, short-pull bolt, top-down hop adjustment, large magazine capacity, and overall durability it’s proved a great way for players to get into “precision rifle” territory.

We also like the fact that the “Striker” is already supported with a whole host of accessories, and that it’s easy to work on and upgrade should your journey into the world of airsoft sniping take you beyond a simple starting point, and into the realm of true “one shot, one kill” .

And now ARES are teasing us again as you’ll see from the video below…. the undergrowth is lush and green, so right now is a great time to get into airsoft sniping and the Striker Tactical 1 could be just the rifle to start you on your path to sniping glory!