It may not be Monday, but surely EVERY day is a “gunday” when you have the joy of viewing one of the latest creations from our very good friend and honorary “AA Legionnaire” Clarence Lai, AKA The Airsoft Surgeon!

Clarence very kindly shared some images of his precision rifle build of the mighty Chey Tac Intervention Rifle; in the real world the rifle is fed by a 7-round detachable single-stack magazine (an optional 5-round magazine is also available). It is specifically chambered in either .408 Chey Tac or .375 Chey Tac ammunition. CheyTac LLC states that the system is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 2,500 yd (2,286 m), one of the longest ranges of all modern-day sniper rifles.

Chey Tac tell us:

“It comes as no surprise this system is ranked the #1 sniper rifle in the world by The Military Channel’s top ten sniper rifles, with its sub-minute of angle accuracy and ability to easily engage targets that are 2500 yards and beyond! Combined with CheyTac’s USA Patented Balance Flight Projectiles, you have a rifle that delivers greater range and accuracy with less bullet drop and drift than any other cartridge in the World. The M200 Intervention is a truly remarkable rifle that has branded its place in history as the best of the best.”

And as you’ll see from the images Clarence has done this iconic rifle true justice in his usual fashion, and whilst The Airsoft Surgeon version won’t quite carry the pricetag of $11-12,000 that you’ll need to drop for the real thing, we didn’t even dare to ask what the cost of his stunning 6mm version was…

Like us, we hope you’ll just enjoy looking at (make that “drooling over”) another Airsoft Surgeon masterpiece, and be inspired by the work of a true craftsman and airsoftsmith!