With the thought of airsoft shops reopening certainly where we’re based in the UK it struck us that we’ll probably need to be wearing a mask when we start to visit them again, so we thought we’d set you all a bit of a challenge!

Bill had his (very talented!) wife knock him up a mask in his favourite PenCott GreenZone camo pattern and when we saw it we thought that this could actually be a brilliant idea to show that we are all taking note of the latest advisories and to let people know that we are actively thinking about both our own protection and theirs in a decidedly “tacticool” way!

The mask was created using a simple pattern found online (there are many out there right now!) so it’s easy and cheap to create, and can even be backed up with filters should you wish.

Check out the Airsoft Action Facebook page and comment with your very own creations in your choice of camouflage pattern, and we’ll even find a nice prize for the best one!