The VORSK “project” has been ongoing for nearly three years now and Airsoft Action has been with it every step of the way!

The models already out there have proved that taking your time with your own pistol concepts from just that, a concept in the form of a scribbled sketch, through formal design both traditional and 3D, creation of bespoke tooling, development and testing, and then final manufacturing has proved to be time very well spent indeed!

Although we’ve been enjoying the existing VORSK models on our “home ranges” during the lockdown we’ve been literally gagging to get our hands on the new “VX-9”, and word from the inside is that this part of “the project” is now reaching fruition, and that theses stunning new pistols could well be ready for when we are able to get out and play again.

We don’t know about you, but a matching pair of these beauties is most definitely on our shopping list, and just as soon as we know final shipping dates and stockist details we’ll be sure to let you know!