Something For The Weekend?

Issue 139 is looking BRILLIANT and everyone has really gone the extra mile to make it so, and it’s a bit special this month… but you’ll have to wait and see just HOW special until the 15th! Now of course we need to actually turn all the reports-in into a magazine, and this takes more time than you may think, but this weekend it would appear that the majority of the AA LEGION are having a bit of well-earned R&R!

However, no doubt there’ll be some “workshop tinkering going on” as we ARE airsofters after all, and Dan in the USA tells us “I’ll be working; I’ve got about 40+ guns in the shop presently and need to take the weekend to try and get a leg up on the pile!”, whilst Jimmy in the UK says “this weekend I shall be enjoying four days of bliss and some of it at the workbench ironing out a few little niggles I found with my new VSR10; I also have a Redline SR-E Lightning HPA engine to problem-solve, so that should take a little while as it is an engine I am unfamiliar with. Parts from Taiwan also arrived this week so I can finally get the Action Army’s trigger box rebuilt!”

Sticking with the UK, Bill W-R said that “I’ll be doing a little plinking with my youngest and grandson between bbqs and parties” whilst Boycie says “I have a range day on Sunday with an AK and No4 Enfield and then back to a family camping trip…”, and that R&R vibe continues with Miguel in Portugal as he tells us “this will be a rare weekend OFF for us. The last two weeks were filled with airsoft, on and off the field. So we decided to rest a bit and spend sometimes with our families, so we don’t get in trouble!” Thanks go to Miguel for this weeks post picture, taken at the recent OP Interior by USAC Airsoft, and what a GREAT image it is!

There’s more excitement for Stewbacca in Taiwan, but this week in a more traditional form; he says “I’m actually having a weekend off form playing as such. We have Friday off work for the Dragon Boat Festival but annoyingly I still have to work Saturday anyway. I’ll maybe do some video work on my downtime…” and Larri in Hong Kong continues this theme as he tells us “I’ll taking a little airsoft break this week due to the public holiday (Dragon Boat again!), although I will be consolidating the first SpeedQB event content during the weekend!”

Due to it being the Queen’s Jubilee here in the UK, with an extended weekend holiday (thanks your Maj!) many of the core team have already slunk off, and we’ll be closing down the office shortly; even Bill has a BBQ planned, although he does report that he’ll be out doing some photos for Issue 140 already!For all of our friends throughout the commonwealth we hope that, like the AAUK crew, you have a fabulous Jubilee weekend, and to all of you playing as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!!!