These days Armorer Works (AW) are no longer the “new kid on the block” as they’ve been around for a few years (they launched in 2015 if memory serves correct) and their products have developed an almost cult-like following worldwide. New models are eagerly anticipated, and seem to be snapped up as soon as they arrive in store!

Drawing inspiration from the real shooting world, AW pistols are made with precision slides coupled with custom-level looks, and these pistols seem to give their owners something a step above the average GBB, and certainly pleasure and pride in ownership!

We’ve been on the range recently with their “Custom VX9100” thanks to our friends at iWholesales, and it’s been a whole heap of fun! We’ll have a more in-depth breakdown of this compact little handgun in Issue 139, so don’t forget to tune in on the 15th!