It’s been another blistering week at AAHQ and it looks like (at least here) it’s going to be a “bit of a warm one” this coming weekend too! We hope that wherever you’re playing you’ll be prepared and take responsibility for yourself to keep fully hydrated… don’t put it all on the poor old marshals!

ISSUE 152 is pretty much complete now, with just the final range sessions before it gets nailed down to happen over this weekend; of course just like many of you out there we’ve just taken delivery of our very own VORSK VMP-1’s so these will most definitely be getting some BBs through them… although Bill is already giving his a PROPER hammering, and delighting in doing so… he told us;

“I am loving the little VMP-1 so far, and even the guys at VORSK told me “you’re a bit keen!” when I told them the number of BBs I’ve already chewed through in my initial out-of-the-box testing; suffice to say there’s a lot more to be done yet before the crew and I land our first report on the production models! Back to work though and I’ve got the last test session with the Cybergun/BOLT SCAR-SC tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it as I do like the thump you get from the BRSS… I’ve also got a couple of DMRs to start spooling up…”

On the game front, Stewbacca (pictured this week with the new LCT LC-3K AEG he’ll be reporting on in ISSUE 152!) has been going on for the last couple of weeks about the POLK 3 MilSim in Taiwan, and he told us “POLK3 MilSim. Two days on the coast. 45 members of Team TaiJi. 8 squads of us within BluFor. 82 bods per side. Barbecue, beers n bashas. Tropical heat and humidity. No mercy. Suffice to say we’re all excited!”

Miguel is out and about as usual too as he reported in to tell us “it’s time for Night Ops V! One of the yearly games organized by the Portuguese ANA association, so we can expect Airsoft, food stands, Airsoft, soup, NVGs and… Airsoft! Don’t let this fool you though, I’m missing NVGs… it’s really out of my budget but I’m sure I will manage hahaha!”

Larri tells us that “it’s Newbie Night tomorrow, with several new players joining our game” and Boycie let us know that “I’m handing back the L9-A2 to ASG (boooooo!) but seeing some more fun stuff for future articles and other <Redacted> things!”

Jimmy is hard at work as usual with a whole host of projects, and it looks like Ben will be heading back to have another crack at Citadel CQE locally.. we saw his helmet cam footage of the new site in play during the week and he really went for it!

We hope too that you’ll go for it wherever you might be playing this weekend, and as always we’ll sign off this week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!