Seems like it’s a good week for potentially winning great swag so far! It’s no secret that many of the AA Crew are fans of LCT AIRSOFT, and each year now they bring all lovers of their products together in their SHORT FILM CONTEST!

For all the players from all over the world that know and cherish their LCT AEGs, the annual SHOOT YOUR LCT FEVER is ready to roll again!

The competition of this year is not limited to themes, so LCT want us to be creative!


1. Video length limit: no less than 3 minutes.

2. Video resolution/format: minimum 1920×1080 (Full HD), mp4 format, horizontal shooting. Vertical shooting and non-mp4 format videos are not accepted.

3. Presenting style: Unlimited, such as plots, advertisements, Music Video, etc., individual and group shootings are not restricted. Emphasizing the characteristics of the protagonist of the LCT, and presenting according with the theme of the competition.

4. Each entry is limited to one piece. If participating in the name of a team, the representative information should be attached, and the rights and obligations will be exercised by the representative.

ENTRY DEADLINE: January 31 2023


So, gather your team, pick up your LCT AEGs, set up the cameras, and participate in this competition together to take away prizes, honors and limited commemorative gifts for the 4th anniversary of the event!