We’re believers in the “early bird” adage here at AA and very first thing this morning Bill was talking to his good friends Mr Pledger and Mr West over at LAYLAX in Japan, and their conversation turned to the latest ZANSHIN SERIES Hi Capas!

Hi Capa parts have been a specialty of LAYLAX for many years. After their gold and crimson series, they moved to the highly popular heat gradation series, and now the new colour-changing ZANSHIN paint. Formulated and hand-finished in house at the LAYLAX “skunkworx” in Japan, ZANSHIN embraces both the traditional spirit of Japanese fine and martial arts.

“ZANSHIN”, literally “remaining mind”, is the Japanese martial art concept of total awareness to react and follow up with your next attack calmly, yet precisely; these pieces are hand-finished with a secret formula created in-house that results in a totally unique look which also embraces fully the Japanese artistic spirit!

All the initial stock sold out to their dealers swiftly, and as a strictly limited edition run you’ll have to search hard to find these now… but, we’ve been given the nod that there MAY be more to come…

If you like your Hi Capa to be truly unique and professionally finished with it’s very own personalised “feel” then you can check out all the parts HERE and we’ll update more when we know IF and WHEN there may be more!