Like many of you, we don’t know where 2020 has gone, it seems to have flown by!

Who amongst us would have known this time last year that our world, both in airsoft terms and in the wider sense, would change so dramatically, with so many new challenges to face and overcome?

Our lives have changed immeasurably and it seems to us that airsoft has changed too!

The changes at Airsoft Action during 2020 have been profound to say the least and, as we leave a difficult year behind us, a bright new horizon is beckoning!

In light of the current trend for magazines to move away from traditional paper-publishing, after two years of planning, which culminated in March of this year, the first digital-only issue of Airsoft Action was published and AA became a FREE TO READ publication across all our digital platforms.

That was TEN issues ago and, in light of coming to the end of another year, it seemed an appropriate time to review our current situation.

This is the current (validated on 16th December) cumulative figure for our digital-only issues for 2020. The number is comprised of the total number of page views/reads/impressions across six of the eight digital platforms we use:

>>>> 465,600 <<<<

That’s right folks, nearly half a million digital reads since March!

However, readership figures are just one aspect of digital publishing.

Editorially-speaking, digital publications do not get “taken off the shelf” at the end of a sales period, they remain available at all times and can easily be referred to, or “discovered” by existing and new readers alike as they browse the library of back issues (also free-to-read) – something that is impossible with paper publications.

Neither are digital publications bound by “page count” and articles can be added, amended or removed completely at short notice, right up to the day of publication so that we can bring you all of the news, all of the time, exactly when it happens!

So, did we make the right decision to “go digital”? We think the answer to that is a complete no-brainer… Yes, in every single way!

Since we’ve been working exclusively via digital formats for Airsoft Action, we also felt it was time to share our “2021 vision” with you.

As we move forward into a new year we will work ever more closely and constructively with our manufacturing and distributor partners around the world to ensure even more high-quality content, with a focus not only on the very newest things to hit the market but also by working on projects that will allow you to get more from your own AEGs, GBBs and gear.

Through the Airsoft Action global “Legion” we will be bringing you coverage of “best practice” and new information on how game and event providers are looking to make your game experience even better than ever, whilst “Red Cell”, players just like you, will continue to look at the hardware from a true user’s perspective. Meanwhile, our regular contributors will continue to bring you the benefit of their many years playing and working in airsoft and, via the website we’ll keep you updated on developments the moment they occur!

All that remains to be said is a huge thank you to our tens of thousands of readers around the world and to our many industry partners for the support and trust you have placed in us. We hope you all have an awesome Xmas and New Year and, like us, look forward to bigger and better things in 2021!

Happy Xmas from Airsoft Action