The Airsoft Action Team are back in our offices this morning and already looking forward to a whole new year of airsoft righteousness!

We hope that wherever you may be in this big, wide world that you’ve had a superb Christmas, and like us that you’re getting ready to get your game on after the challenging beast of a year that was 2020…

That year is behind us now, and although there are still challenges to face in the coming months, there’s a glimmer of light on the horizon that 2021 will see us all getting back out to enjoy some proper BB-slinging with our friends and fellow players.

Although the “offices” have been shut as we’ve taken some time to recharge out personal batteries, that’s not to say that we haven’t been getting some rangetime in, in readiness to bring you our latest monthly instalment on the 15th, and the line up is looking solid! Red Cell are starting the new year with a look back on the AR AEGs that got their attention in 2020, and we’ve got the mighty “DEVGRU 416” from Evolution Airsoft, the very latest L85A3 from ARES, the new CMF-16 from G&G, the awesome VORSK VP-X, and finally (FINALLY!) the LCK-16 from LCT to tell you about just to get things rolling!

Of course these are just the headline models to start the year, and there’s a whole lot more that we’ll be featuring in our regular articles and reports, so be sure to keep your eye on our news here for the very latest.

It’s a whole new year fellow airsofters, and we believe that it’s going to be a GREAT one; we hope that you’ll continue to join us each and every month as Airsoft Action kicks up yet another gear!