We always love it when friends team up to offer something that we REALLY like, and the news that the awesome GHILLIES created by ZERO ALPHA DESIGNS (ZAD) are now available from KYDEX CUSTOMS; this is great news for airsoft snipers everywhere!

Back in ISSUE 160 we ran a feature on ZAD and their creations are simple stunning, and in the the intervew they told us;

“We started offering Ghillie suits for military snipers as an option for them to have a new Ghillie compared to their old systems, but we also offered dyed materials for colours all around the world, which massively benefits them as it aids their concealment when operating in the field. Many snipers have little time to make their own, or they just can’t get the dye colours right for their area, which brings them to us. We’ve done Ghillie systems for many different snipers but some include;

  • Royal Marine Snipers
  • Pathfinder Snipers
  • MET Police TRO (Police Sniper)
  • US Scout Snipers
  • SOF Sniper groups”


“Here at Kydex Customs, we are constantly working on new products and this month is no different!

We are proud to announce we have been working with Zero Alpha Designs to be able to offer ready-to-ship Ghillie suits and concealment systems.”

So, if you’re working up your own airsoft sniper loadout, and you want a GHILLIE SYSTEM that’s been proven IRL, then head on over to KYDEX CUSTOMS to check out what’s on offer!