So, no “April Fool” for us, we thought to kick off our return from vacation, testing, and updating the website with a superb image of the G&G LEVAR that’s been causing so much chatter on the interwebz!

Like many we saw this first at IWA 2024 and it certainly raised a few eyebrows at the show in Germany! G&G told us;

“The LevAR is a gas lever-action rifle that possesses great customization features, with the ability to swap out the receivers to turn ANY G&G platform into a gas-powered lever action monster! This rifle utilizes M4 AEG Mags and is powered through the gas in the stock.

The rifle is still in its prototype stage, so if you were amazed by the coverage of this rifle during the IWA Show, just wait until we iron out all of the kinks with the full launch of the LevAR! Details of the product’s launch will be announced in the future, so stay tuned!”

We’ll certainly be keeping our beady eyes on the development of this unique new airsoft platform, and it may be that “someone” in the AA Crew has already looked to an interesting “Lever Action Conversion” that we hope to cover for you when testing is complete.

Right now we’re looking forward to the results of the PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS this coming weekend, and hopefully we’ll have some good news then! Suffice to say that there’s many, many airsoft stories that we hope to bring you soon, and ISSUE 160 is already well under way for launch on 15 APRIL!

Paraphrasing the words of Mr Wick… “People keep asking if we’re back and we haven’t really had an answer, but yeah, we’re thinking we’re back!”