To all my friends, colleagues, mates and fellow airsofters around the world who have sent messages of support and best wishes – a huge THANK YOU!

I especially want to express sincere and grateful thanks to my fellow Director and “brother in airsoft arms”, AA’s Editor, Bill Thomas, for his unflinching commitment and positivety …and offers of beer when we next get back together!

A special thanks also to Matt (Skunk) for breaking the monotony of waiting by knocking on my car window as we sat at the border!! Great to see you buddy, albeit in very unusual circumstances.

To give you bit of an update, my wife and I are now in Warsaw, Poland.

Having collected my mother-in-law from the Slovakia/Ukraine border last Thursday and completed all the necessary documentaion and biometrics here, we are now waiting on a visa for her to be able to travel with us back to the UK. If all goes well we should be back by the middle of next week and, shortly after that, I should be in the position to publish the delayed issue of the magazine. I am actually working on it remotely but a rather ancient laptop is a poor substitute for the office system – and a lot slower!

Until then, thanks again for sticking with us.