Anyone that reads Airsoft Action on a regular basis knows that we’re all about reporting on all styles of airsoft, and hopefully we provide some inspiration for you to try out something new! We’re therefore overjoyed that an exciting new practical shooting championship is coming in May 2022, aimed at bringing together the whole airsoft community! The Snap Shooter Challenge is a revolutionary new format aimed at bringing airsoft shooters from all fields of practical shooting and skirmishing together to compete in a fast-paced league, contested over a 9 month season.

Utilising the AttackSense electronic target system, competitors battle it out in matches comprised of solo shooter heats in a best of 5 runs, with the top 8 placers going head to head against other competitors to reach a final. Competitors leave each match with points that improve their ranking throughout the season.

The match format is designed to allow the lowest barrier of entry, enabling competitors to use their existing airsoft gear to compete and the rules aim to level the playing field with mandatory reloads and shot limits, which all adds to the excitement of each round. Matches will bring together multiple disciplines, from pistol, rifle and multi-gun with a mixture of round types available on the AttackSense system to make each match unique and add variety to the season.

Matches are held throughout the country and are hosted by local sites, making it easy for everyone to compete, and allowing shooters to experience different sites with a range of challenges throughout the season. All competitors have to do is compete in 12 matches at 3 different sites throughout the season to qualify for entry into the grand final, hosted by AttackSense and inviting the best ranking shooters from the season to a special event to mark the season finale.

Throughout a match, leaderboards are updated in real time so competitors can follow the twists and turns of a match as it happens, adding to the excitement and creating tension throughout the event. Each match has drop scores and throughout the season competitors can drop their worst finishes, with rankings easy to follow throughout the season using AttackSense’s online ShooterID system.

For more information check out the video below, and head to and register your interest to keep up to date with the latest news!

We’ll be reporting more on this as the Challenge progresses, and as it fits superbly into our ongoing “PAMG” project no doubt there’ll be a few of the AA crew getting involved, and we hope that you will too!