Full of practical features, classically tailored Helikon-Tex Tactical Shirts are now available in brand-new designs!

The newest models of Helikon-Tex tactical shirts expand the selection of their Urban line. Among them, there are the two variants of the Covert Concealed Carry shirt, great for concealed carrying of pistols, but also a plain-looking Greyman Shirt, which, together with Greyman Tactical Jeans, creates a great set for the urban adventurer. They complement the Outback, Bushcraft and Patrol Line shirts presented last year, giving you a full range of possibilities.

We already love the MBDU Flannel Shirt and the Defender MKII Pilgrim Shirt which we’ve already tested and wear regularly, but you can check out the new models by simply visiting the dedicated SHIRTS page on the Helikon-Tex website now!