Kydex Customs Baofeng UV5R Radio Carriers have had a huge update!

These Baofeng UV5R Radio Carriers are an absolute “must have” for all radio users; made as a 2-piece construction for added rigidity, featuring adjustable retention through the use of an MRD, they also feature a “hot-mic” proof design so the user will never worry about accidentally hitting buttons! These carriers are designed to keep your radio safe and protected while in use.

Available for both standard and extended battery models, the Radio Carriers also feature a large drainage hole along the bottom to allow for any excess water to drain out quickly to ensure the radio doesn’t suffer from water damage.To adjust the retention on the radio carriers you need to screw or unscrew the silver grub screw found on the side of the carrier with a 1/8” Allen key/hex key.

Made of 2mm Thick Kydex
Protective Design
Water Resistant
Adjustable Retention
Stops Accidental Button Pressing
Works With Mics/Headsets Plugged In

Safariland QLS/ELS
G-Code RTI
Malice Clips

Check then out now by visiting the Kydex Customs website!