There’s something about old-skool M81 that sings to the soul of many a player, us included, and it’s always great to see good gear coming through in an older pattern, but one that is still very much in evidence if you know where to look!

We recently got an update from LBX Tactical about their WDL Carrier Combo which is on “special” right now, and if you’re looking to set yourself up then this is a steal as it includes one each of their LBX-0300 Modular Plate Carrier, LBX-0065 Med kit Blowout Pouch, and LBX-0313 Rifle Sling, all for US$130!

And if you’re relatively new to airsoft and don’t know who LBX Tactical are then they’re named after their parent company London Bridge Trading (LBT), yes, they of the mighty “1961” chest rig, who are a very well-established and hugely-respected creator of top-end tactical gear! In LBX (London Bridge X), the X stands for the unknown variable as the gear was developed just for that, the unknown!

Designed and developed at their home office in Virginia Beach, LBX Tactical is cut from US-made materials and manufactured in Virginia Beach VA, El Paso Texas, Cranston Rhode Island, and Peru South America. The product line is held to the same stringent sewing standards as LBT and comes with a lifetime warranty.

As they proudly say “whether you’re military, ex-military, weekend warrior, sports enthusiast or just an all out adrenaline junkie, look for LBX to offer a wide variety of products with the ability to mix and match components for endless custom load-out capabilities to accommodate your needs. Our Gear, Your World… whatever the X may be, we’ve got you covered.”

So, if you’re in the market for something old-skool and cool, but with the very latest gear design, then be sure to check LBX Tactical soon!