We make no bones about the fact that we like the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Gen2… A LOT!

A few of us on the team have been using this great rig from VIPER for a while now in-game and on range days, and Jon looked at it in some detail a while back, concluding that “in my opinion, (this) is a great price for a whole lot of kit and quality kit at that!”

It’s available in multiple colours so it will work with most loadouts out there, and the VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 is a modular design that will host a variety of VX System and MOLLE compatible accessories. With quick release buckles throughout as well as multiple hook and loop panels, you can create a unique set up that fits your needs.

And those options just got even better, as VIPER have obviously looked again to functional new technologies and designs that show “current best practice” in the tactical gear market, and they’ve developed THREE NEW PANELS, elasticated and lo-profile, one each for PISTOL MAGS (5 cells), for SMG MAGS (4 cells) and for AR/AK MAGS (3 cells)… very sweet!

All three elasticated panels fix solidly to the velcro and twin-buckle arrangement of the VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Gen2 and are VERY lo-profile, something that we 100% approve of, and of course this means that your plate carrier setup become even MORE mission-adaptable than ever before! We’ve had all three to play with and they work brilliantly… we even managed to squeeze a couple of SR25-style “big-boy mags” into the AR/AK version although of course this will deform the elastication over time, so we hope that a dedicated platform for these mags may be forthcoming in time…

If you already own a VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier Gen2 these new panels are available in Green, Tan, Black and V-CAM (shown in image) and are a great addition to your personal “gear cage”; and if you don’t own one a VX set yet then it may well be worth considering one when it comes time to change out your kit!