Busy, busy… that’s us! Sadly it’s been a week of complete ups and downs, and although everything is rockin’ along at AAHQ the “social media week” has been a devastating one for airsoft as more and more of our industry/community pages disappear from so-called “social” spaces without recourse…

We reported in the week about the sad demise of the friendly POPULAR AIRSOFT page on Facebook, but thankfully they are already moving forward again on BLUESKY; we also got the angering news that the LAND WARRIOR AIRSOFT page has been “unpublished” as well though.

So, not only is META impinging on our community spaces, but they’re also now targeting the industry side too… we’ve been having some serious discussions with numerous parties in how we as a part of the global airsoft community move help things move forward and thrive in the future, and there are plans… we’ll keep you updated as everything comes together…

For now though, what are the team up to this weekend?

Boycie was the first to comment on plans this week and told us “I’ll be planning some future articles. Other than that I’ll be at The British Shooting Show this weekend, along with Steve if he’s available. Also I’ll be moving a lot of social media stuff relating to the shooting sports I am involved in away from FarceBook…”

Miguel commented “This weekend we are taking a little break after the event that we organized last Sunday, but some of us are going to hit the field and transplant some pine trees to some more “deserted” areas.”

Stewbacca told us “The core (largely foreign) unit of Team TaiJi are taking a weekend off shooting to engage in some “stop the bleed” trauma/tourniquet training with one of the local EMT gents who I met at a civil defence conference earlier in the year as part of our ongoing local preparedness efforts. Next weekend is another civil defence pistol course I’m helping teach again at the same location, so my trigger time will be as limited as my Facebook posting abilities for a bit it seems…” Yeah, Stewbacca is on another FB-ban for daring to post about AIRSOFT!

Jimmy (pictured this week) said “I shall be in the workshop Saturday finalising a few customer’s guns in lieu of Sunday. Sunday I will be onsite at Cool Under Fire as usual although I will be taking the G&G MXC9 for a little spin… I say little but that would be a lie as I will be taking with me the G&G PCC45 drum mag, so guaranteed it is going to suffer some abuse. The MXC9 is a plaform that got my juices flowing and if anyone remembers I gave it an outstanding review, so I feel it needs to see the outdoors again. All I can say for the opposition is good luck!”

Dan chipped in to say “I need to put the finishing touches on my KWA interview article from SHOT, and there’s another one I’m “slow cooking” for down the road. Aside from that, I’ve just been doing a bit of reconfiguration on my chest rig and have some new pouches due to come in before the weekend. I’ve been debating on swapping out from a Camelbak bladder to a Nalgene pouch for easier maintenance, but I do like how it counterbalances the load up front. My main gripe with bladders is that they are a bit time consuming to clean and I feel like I never get the tube adequately scrubbed out. Decisions, decisions…”

And of course Bill and Jase are readying themselves for their trip to IWA 2024 next week, and Bill told us “IWA is looking 100% righteous as we have back to back meetings for the four days we’re there, and we already know there’s going to be some BIG reveals from the airsoft industry in Germany! We’re also looking forward to “meating up” with a whole bunch of old friends from the player/media community as MEALSIM 2024 will be awesome! I love the Nuremberg show and it’s definitely one of the big highlights of my year… we’ll be trying to report daily as is now the “AA standard”, so BRING IT ON!”

So, whatever your own airsoft plans are for this weekend, whether you’re in the workshop, on the range, at/preparing for either the British Shooting Show or IWA then have fun! And of course if you’re out playing then Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!