It’s busy-busy here at AAHQ  as always, but as you’ll have seen our main focus this week has been on SHOT SHOW 2024; Boycie, Li’l Stu, Steve and Dan are all doing a brilliant job at SHOT representing AIRSOFT ACTION and digging out all the new products and accompanying stories as you’ll see from their daily updates on the here on the website!

But whilst one team are deployed another is busy with putting together ISSUE 159 for 15 FEB, and yet another are in preparation for our next big show, IWA 2024. Yup, the AA office is an exciting place to be right now with airsoft news, as always, flying in from all corners of the globe, and that’s EXACTLY the way we like it!

But of course everyday (airsoft) life goes on, and as we hit Friday PM here in the UK the guys are getting ready to get their game on, getting kit packed for the range, and arranging their workshop tools for the coming weekend!

In our AA LEGION chat-group Stewbacca told us that “I’m just finishing up another new gun review and event report of last weekend’s awesome skirmish as it happens. This Sunday will see Team Taiji returning to our newish airport-side site; I’m contemplating taking the PSG-1 (pictured this week) and/or FAL out for another leg-stretching given the long open spaces on some of the site.

And it would also give me an opportunity to reliably test them at range now I have a shiny new toy in the form or a laser range finder on hand to gauge distances to targets more accurately than counting out a 10m length of string repeatedly. I’m still waiting on some new guns to test so I think I’ll take the opportunity to run one of my own favourites while I have the chance!

Miguel is also out playing and told us “we are attending a game called “Vietnam Nest”, and as the name gives away, it will be a role-play game with other teams from a group that the guys and I are part of.”

Jimmy is taking a break from the workbench this weekend and said “Saturday will consist mainly of site management over at local site Cool Under Fire; we are going to be building a new shack for the range which is where we also carry out chrono checks. The range itself is getting fenced off with all new targets and an extra 10m will be added. Sunday is gameday, the first one for 2024 at CUF, so fingers crossed the weather is good!”

Bill is also taking a break from testing but will still be on the range this week as he has some “lovin’ time” time to get in! He told us “every so often I need a bit of time to get my own kit maintained and shooting right; this should be something that every airsofter takes time for every so often!

On Saturday I plan to strip down all my GBBRs and give them some workshop love, and then on Sunday I’ll head up to the woods range to get them all re-zero’d… this is NOT a chore, I actually love it!”

Of course Boycie and the “AA SHOT TEAM” will be finishing up in Las Vegas after a supremely successful and enjoyable trip, and Boycie told us that “our plans are writing, writing and a bit more writing, then we’re going to sort all the photos before we get ready for the long haul home! I’ve got one more daily update to file tonight, and then it’ll be job done for another year!”

Once again we’d like to thank Boycie, L’il Stu, Steve and Dan for all the hard work they’ve put in at the show, and for keeping all of us updated on a daily basis; keep your eyes peeled for the full report of their Las Vegas airsoft adventure in ISSUE 159

That’s us for now, and we hope that you’ve got some airsoft fun lined up this weekend too! For this Friday though we’ll sign off as always by saying wherever you’re playing, Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!