It’s been a somewhat trying week at AAHQ with a few physical impediments to overcome, but thankfully all seems to be quietening down and back on track for the weekend, and it most certainly looks to be another busy one for the AA LEGIONNAIRES as we head towards our CHRISTMAS ISSUE on 15 DECEMBER!

Although the weather for all has also proved challenging for different reasons geographically, it’s full steam ahead as Stewbacca told us “having moved the last of my stuff into the new Stu-dio (still looks like a bomb-site, but livable for the near future at least) I should finally be able to get some more trigger time with da bois; Xindian hilltop forest again this weekend by the sounds of things. I have a load of bits from LCT to try out on their HK range, so will dust off the AEGs I guess…”

Miguel (pictured this week braving the rains in Portugal!) has been busy as always and said “after organizing Op. Back to Back last weekend, we are planning on having a small practice this Sunday among the guys. Something simple to release the stress from the week!” and Boycie told us “I’m back to working on a <Redacted> (that joke NEVER gets old!) RIF ready for the Jan issue. Other than that, sorting boxes of airsoft “stuff” from the house move…”

Bill is shooting as usual; “lots of new AEGs and GBBs for me to get on the woods range this weekend, including the new RAVEN HEX COMP and R9A4 which dropped with me direct from the warehouse this week… really looking forward to some meaningful pistol time, that’s for sure!”

Dan also checked in to tell us “Lots and lots of small projects to finish up, but it’s mostly simple things like dropping in some TITAN’s, replacing wire harnesses, simple tune ups and such. On the bigger side, there’s another SIG MCX getting a full overhaul and upgrade, plus a box of four MP7A1’s that I need to see if can be revived. I’m still trying to get a VFC MG4 in an operable state, but have been rapidly running out of motivation on that one. I’ve also got a brand new Ares Striker here that is giving me heartburn and will need to have the outer barrel replaced. Hoping that arrives soon so I can get it finished up in time so the owner can give it to their kid for Christmas.”

And Jimmy is on the case too as he said “I’m back on the HPA wagon this weekend; it will be my last game of the year and I want to go out with a bang! I’m finalising the installation and fine tuning of my new Wolverine Bolt VSR engine ready for Sunday at Cool Under Fire, locally; I have longed for the Bolt engine for some time but at a cost of nearly UK£500 it has been a little out of reach for my funds. Being a lover of the Mancraft SDIK and publicly saying it is the best choice on the market it appears the Wolverine engine has some big boots to fill and I am really hoping for some great results!”

We certainly look forward to hearing more from Jimmy when this particular project is completed, and of course sharing that with you in due course! Whatever you may be up to yourself this weekend, be it in the workshop or on the range, we hope you’ll have FUN, and if you’re playing then as always Play hard, Play safe, and Play with Honour!